Who We Are

Like many churches, we’ve prayed for God to reveal His unique calling for our body within His great purpose to glorify Himself and make disciples.  We believe God has called us to:


“Be a family, building Christ-centered homes who impact their world.”

We accomplish our mission through a simple four-step discipleship process:
  •   Worship   (Romans 12.2)
  •   Learning   (I Thess. 2.13)
  •   Caring   (I Peter 3.8)
  •   Serving   (I Peter 4.10)
These four are also “on-ramps” where you can always plug in:


* Worship services on weekends

* Learning – Bible studies through the week

* Caring – Small groups in homes

* Serving – Impacting our community


You can always learn more in a Membership Orientation class.  Ask one of the pastors or elders, or check out the Information Desk in the lobby.