About Us

At East, our mission statement is:


“Be a family committed to building Christ-centered homes that impact the world.”


There’s a lot packed into that sentence:

  • We love each other deeply and through good times and bad, we are always family – no one gets left behind.

  • We believe the center of spiritual development is the home, as the primary place for discipleship of our kids.

  • Whether homes are made up of a single person, a married couple, or an intergenerational family, our goal is to equip each home to have Jesus at the center.

  • We don’t exist just for ourselves!  Each home, and the church itself, has been given a mission to impact the world through service and sharing.

Please join us on Sundays for classes (9:30), worship services (10:45), or any events that appeal to you – you’re always welcome!


We’re part of the Midwest District of the Evangelical Free Church of America – a group of churches dedicated to the Bible, to each other, and to Jesus’ mission in the world.  You can read a copy of our Doctrine statement here.